Silence – An Invisible Deja Vu

Those tears of joy from her eyes, with her baby giggling out a pacifying laughter along the streets, quenched my doubt and I shouted aloud within my heart, “Deja Vu”.

Pacify :- calm, Quench :- satisfy, Deja Vu :- a feeling of having already experienced the present situation

And a mystical journey got designed for me with a path full of hallucinations which began with my inquisitive demons.

Mystical :- mystery, Hallucination :- illusion, Inquisitive :- curious, demons :- genius


Sensing the ephemeral fragrance of the frozen leaves, I fancied love, passion and warmth and no sooner did I see a naive boy and a girl making a sandcastle and trying to plead to the waves that,

Ephemeral :- Lasting for a short while, Naive :- innocent

“Hey ticklish runner, can you please  play around my castle and not come within it, as it’s breathless yet” and my walk continued with a perplexed heart.

Ticklish :- Lightly touching, Perplexed :- puzzled 


In a dramatic motion, a piece of paper flying in the air with it’s invisible wings hit my face and fell down leaving a minute drop of water which slowly came up to my ear and told me,”Why was the page of your life blank?”


Tagged with that intensive conjecture, I was totally surprised for the moment that happened to me, I picked up the paper which fell on the sand and wrote,”It wasn’t blank, it was spotless”.

Conjecture :- belief

Carrying the butterflies in my stomach, I saw a sketch artist who was portraying an old lady, she was lying under a tree shed in silence, just like an outlandish person,

Curiosity knocked and I asked the artist,”Why are you sketching her, don’t you feel that she’s a poor woman struggling for life?”

Butterflies in stomach :- nervous, Outlandish :- unfamiliar

On this the artist’s ironical reply was,”You are thinking it as the sketch of an old woman lying there struggling, but what I sketched is that one smile she has all the time, even after those struggles, just invincible”.

Ironical :- sarcastic, Invincible :- powerful

“Shutter…Shutter…Flash”, the sound I heard going deeper into the woods, and wrapped up around a delicate branch of a long banyan tree he was there, obviously a “Photographer”.


I was mesmerized looking at his quest for playing in the moment by freezing the time; He awaited long enough to capture a drop of water falling from a frozen leaf and I laughed at him like a juvenile thinking what an artless photographer!

Mesmerize :- Fascinate, Quest :- curiosity, Juvenile :- childish


Beholding to my innocent thought he replied, “Friend, you found that moment too silly, but while I shot it I was thinking that if these frozen droplets can melt in such a shivering climate, why not human hearts? An abstract truth!!”


Cold breezes, sweet chirps from the dense giant trees, the pleasant sound of cataracts, a fictitious world got created where imagination bowed and I met a Logophile, a Poet!

Chirp :- a sound that birds make, Cataracts :- waterfall ,   Fictitious :- imaginary, Logophile :- one who loves words

With his strings of thoughts getting attached into that habitat he under toned his words,

“Born as a prodigy,

Artistic was my heart,

Played on the edges of paradise,

But now fear to get apart”.

Prodigy :- genius

Whisper of his words echoed in the form of majestic shadows and hovering over the poet’s fear the shadows echoed,

“Mirrored behind every persona,

Never needed a breathe,

Heartbeat was yours,

And I survived underneath”.

Majestic :- giant, Hover :- remain in one place, Persona :- image

Raccoon’s saving themselves from the gentle wind, small pebbles dreaming to be one of those big rocks, dark caves craving for the buzz, and at the end silence triumphed over all.

Raccoon :- an american mammal, Pebbles :- small stones, Triumph :- victory, Crave :- feel a desire for

My thoughts had an effect of inception where the start was from my present moment but the end was a recall.

Inception :- birth, Recall :- recollect past



To my surprise I reached a cliff of a mountain during this hustle, sitting on an edge I had a conversation with Silence and I asked,”Where do you live, how do you survive, what do you look like?”


Friends, this is my inner voice speaking as that moment got ceased, the sky above hid behind a secret and the ocean below was a Da Vinci demon, everything a mystery!!

Cease :-end, Da Vinci Demon :- a historical fancy drama

And then was Euphoria, the show stopper.

Euphoria :- excitement

I still patiently awaited for Silence to reply, but it didn’t and suddenly the sky sent a message through a lightning which thundered, “Silence lives within the moments, back then sky hid behind a secret that was nothing but “Silence”.



Amazed with the first answer, I waited for next and threw stones in the ocean, and the ocean furiously sent a splash of wave upwards wherein the wave replied,”Mystery is the reason behind survival of Silence”.


Shocked by the scary responses, I didn’t waited for my next answer and started from there.

On my way back a thorn pricked in my foot, at that moment I didn’t felt the pain but I recalled this happening but didn’t knew where, when and how?


And it was a time of total bliss because I got my third answer where Silence answered me in this way,” It was a feeling of Deja vu and synonymous is Silence, it just can be felt and never be seen”


The most beautiful experience of my life I returned back with it,” Silence- An Invisible Deja vu”



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