Quarter Patootie

The night before was a bit superficial, where I dream walked with the beautiful fireflies which lit the even the darkest hearts,


Something just went on, which is beyond life, unstoppable, has mood swings in a dramatic way, it’s faster than our thoughts, even it’s moving in a pause, obviously its Time,


With time, that night fastened its beautiful horizons of twilight, blessed by the rhythmic aura, a perfect manifestation for the first light,

Horizon:- Skyline, Twilight:- semi-darkness, Manisfestation:- illustration


The successive morning was misty wherein I woke up with a mercurial hangover and found intuition as my only friend, who loved to play with my sixth sense,

Mercurial :- unpredictable, Intuition:- instinct


My peripatetic instincts threw me out of my comfort zone and attached the strings of adventure within my thought process and there I was in the midst of the sea,

Peripatetic :- wandering


I started off with a camping tour and further went jaunting through the forests reached the riverside which was full of serenity like never before, beholding the mysteries of love, desire and passion,

Jaunting :- exploring


Strangers and blow-ins are the most significant part of your unplanned trips, as they complete your journeys which you start alone, I had the company of these strangers,



Blow-ins :- new comers


Wandering all over the dense forests, taking small naps under the sheds of the magnanimous banyan trees, mimicking the chirps of birds, cloning our ancestors, at last we reached our unplanned vague destination,


The shore owned a natural decorum of the tall trees which always bowed in front of the vast sea, where love was symbolized by the glimpse of light, which came from between the dark shadows of the giants,

Decorum :- decency


Moving towards the edges, we saw small ferries which seemed out to be a perfect destination for a date with a stranger,


Surrounded by soothing sands of time, I was in a state of euphoria where my mind and heart both were diagnosed by an illness called love, it was obviously towards a stranger from the crowd,

Soothing :- calm and smooth, Euphoria :- state of excitement


Well intuition my only friend that day, left me and my thoughts with a blank page and just then a feather dropped by me, and then I felt Petrichor,

Petrichor :- the smell of mother earth after the rains


Slowly it started to rain, unleashing the most awaited shade of mother earth, the shade that was wasn’t seen but was felt, just like a kick of a small baby in a mother’s womb, the wings of fire,



I guess the blank page wanted a story to be engrossed on it, and so I was lucky enough to have my ferry ride with her, the stranger that made me start our story, but with confused feelings,

Engross :- get hold of


The more distant we moved from the edges, we were playing with the ironies in our eyes, and it was just the birth of an innocent mime love that made the deep waters to reflect our compassion,

Irony :- sarcasm

Our anecdote didn’t had the cloudbursts or the thunderstorms which fastened our heartbeats, instead we had an entourage of beautiful birds, mountains at the end, and her artistic hand that touched mine,

Anecdote :- story, Entourage :- group of people, Artistic :- beautiful


Voyaging in the fading evening sunlight with drizzling raindrops was just like an arrival in heaven and the journey of one drop which went through her wavy hairs, acting as tear of happiness from the eyes and touching her magnificent face was none other than a Midas touch,

Voyage :- journey, Drizzle :- light rainfall, Magnificent :- beautiful, Midas Touch :- a touch that transforms everything into gold


It was a realistic tale of love going on between us, which I thought was just my imagination, but the magical ice broke when she uttered the first line shivering with cold, “ Do you know that this giant mountains also has heart that beats for someone?”



I was stunned by this cute catch of her for the nature and asked her,” Why do you think so and if yes then with whom are these giants in love with? They are lifeless!!!”



With her cunning look she pointed towards the ray of light which came from between the giants and just scattered all over the sea and then she showed me the seven shades, rainbow!!

Cunning :- tricky


That moment had a pause and I asked her,” Are you really showing me the rainbow, like I have never seen it before!!!”



She just tapped my forehead with her fingers, again a Midas touch for me!! And she said, “The glimpse of light which makes the giants shine is nothing but the way they propose their feelings, and when the proposal gets scattered over the sea it makes the vast sea to blush with it’s reflections”



She just poured out an interpretation which I would have never imagined and that was the moment I just kneel down on my knees in front of her in that small ferry in the midst of the sea and proposed her saying,” It’s would be amazing to have a relationship with you, where love would be an anonymous thing, just like the sea and the mountain still don’t know they love each other but they just feel each other. So would you be my girlfriend?”


With her look full of gratitude and innocence she replied sarcastically,” Can I be your Quarter Patootie?”

Patootie :- Girlfriend


And just like a naive little kid resembling all the waves of glory I replied,” It’s always a Better-Half, so it sounds perfect, you be my quarter girlfriend and I will be your quarter boyfriend, we both make a better half”

Naive :- innocent








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