The Wings of Reality

Everything was astonishing when I approached to walk the revolutionary roads, the streets where my life craved for the reality, and split my inner imitation.

I never knew that life would grab it’s dramatic cover from the reality I lived in,


My walk on the puffy clouds where I moved blindfolded, now depended on colors, white I move, black I stop…

Each day I lived, had an exclamation in it, which got engrossed in the book of my life, but when a stranger had a glimpse through my journey, he found empty streets and blanks chapters.

Astonished I asked my satirical pen,”Where did you portray my life, my book says that it is an open night sky, but without stars in it?”

On this my trenchant mate replied,”I never designed the chapters of your life in any book, you lived in abstracts and so was I living in, it’s not magic!!!”


To play wild in this world of reality at present was not my cup of tea, I just floated on the illusion icebergs, where I should have dived into…

Thoughts, which danced on the motion of my heart, isolated from me and filled in the secret spaces of silence.

Being happy with loneliness was the signature of my soul, whereas the actuality of my story was like I craved for a glimpse of smile.


Life was not just an animation which had a temporary existence, it was that silver lining which began with a drop of tear from your eyes and the end is decorated by us, as it just goes on.

Dream, a place where my emotions breathed, was just a spectacle to the world, but when it came to survival my fantasy became a nightmare.


I composed  life on the edges of my sarcastic words, but forgot that an edge was nothing but a limit, whereas the world recognizes only the limitless and boundless souls.

The rhythm of time was invisible and I always ran behind it, but now realized that I could have traveled with time and made memories that would play as Odds in my life.


Love was not just winning of the hearts which soon diminished for me, instead it was creating a space in someone’s heart and make that glow like fireflies in the picture of darkness.

Something was missing which I was craving for, I came across a micro tale of my life story which was unread, then came an inner voice which echoed to me but I missed it, everything seemed to fumbled and tehn I fuond taht lfie is jubmled wehn you fkae yuorsefl, but it is magnanimous and glorious when you try to be yourself.

Reflections of the moon into the water though are temporary for just a nightfall, but they are glittering, be that reflection, be yourself!!

Try being flaw some and get motivated by the inner rewards of creativity , immersion and just “flow”.

I love to keep my stories incomplete, but I would complete it by filling the heart which has a hole, by being a filler of craziness, happiness, stupidity, love and laughter.




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