Shadow is the New Black

Life always dances with a pause, but never await for someone to accompany you, because someone invincible is waiting at the end to complete your story.


An outlandish ally stalked me every moment just like the beat of my heart, more like a protagonist of my life.


I danced to the rhythms, sometimes which were grey, but it swayed even in the cadences which were more than happiness.


Born together from the same angel, and from that split second it was never with me, always ahead to win, behind to clutch me whenever I fall.

Similar to a father who always helps his son

Wandering on the eclipse of dreams, where time faded faster than my breath, it had his own landscape which for me was an incognito.


Talking to the night sky, I once asked,”Can’t you manifest your beauty on earth, instead of the sky above which I can never touch?”


On my fantastical request, it replied,”Dear, you already have me on earth, I stalk you synonymous as your outlandish ally does!!”


Bewildered on that reply, I was trying to fathom out, who was this outlandish ally, who was my replica!!


It was like whenever I smiled, it felt the bliss for my smile.
Where I had my life, it had my soul.


Where technically I was born, and it had a notional birth.
Where I knew I loved someone, but it knew what was love!!


Growing with age was the scariest thing for me, whereas it went for a choice as to grow with age.


Sitting adjacent to this enormous lake, I played with the stones throwing them in the lake and eager to see the droplets out which formed an imaginary ring like the ring of Saturn on the surface.


Enacting my every action, I threw the stones continuously into the water, and just then I saw that someone threw the stones with me simultaneously, but it didn’t touched the intense depth which I did.


It was none other than my “SHADOW” who threw stone along with me

I pulled off myself from this whimsical act and moved ahead near a park, where this little girl hopped here and there just like the blinks of our eyes, and her smile was the only curve which fulfilled all the seven shades of rainbow, at night!!


But enacting her action too, I saw that someone hopped like her, but had no eyes, no emotions, no smile..


It was again a SHADOW that danced

Just then there was a nightfall, and I remembered the reply by night sky, and to my surprise, slowly in a thrilling vogue, I saw the night sky reflecting on earth, and those outlandish allies were nothing but the “SHADOWS”!!!

Shadow of the night sky, which stalked me with my facsimile

And to see that outlandish friend of mine, I walked and saw him walking ahead, I danced in my style and it twirled in his fashion.


When I laughed out aloud, it didn’t laughed, and in the verge of happiness, there were these tears of happiness, which fell on the mother earth, but the shadow didn’t cry.


And that day I realized that even without the eyes, it was the beautiful world with me, without the tears, it was the only standing to support me in times of sadness, whenever I stopped on my way to an untraveled path, it was standing ahead of me saying, let’s experience the castles in the air like never before.


A wow moment for me, because even life is not permanent, my shadow is!!!

Shadow is the New Black!!!




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