Mirror your Illusions

That night of hiver had a poignant effect, wherein the smallest planets which influences one’s destiny were shivering from dark to fade..

Shades of life

My walk on the low pitch chirping noisy street was accompanied by the beautiful milky white shade of the moon, which even faded my shadow…

I walked alone, where my shadow replied,”I will be with you till the end!”

The cold breezes paced on with dramatic emotions in it, which created some imprevisible moments that were just an imaginary melodies of time…

Life  dances on the rhythm of change

Captured by the abstraction and totally absorbed in the beauty of that night, suddenly when I heard the cry of a baby, which led me to an obscured path, where the gloom around got a sigh of light from the shining watery eyes of the baby, who was lying on the heavenly steps of his mother, later which I realized that she was blind…


The blind mother with her paradise

I asked the mother,” It’s very dark here and the cold would grab on you with cough and fever, why don’t you come with me and stay at our place to night?”
The night was defined by a new irony when she sarcastically replied,”Son, thanks for the kindness, but it’s not dark here, because my baby has a vision of my eyes, and on his blinks I get my dreams made and on his breath I get my dreams accomplished!!”


Ceased out of words and was just trying to sort out my jumbled thoughts again when she said,”The nights are obviously very cold out here, but my little kiddo makes me feel the awesomeness of winter by firmly lying on my lap and giggling out shots of laughter which has a warmth of love in it”

The super sarcasm of mother, explicated me that life for me was like the winter’s solstice, where I was very much inclined away  from the faces of happiness unlike that mother’s!!

Mother’s heart beats when her child breathes

Sometimes a story needs to be incomplete…

Where the story never ends

Some books are to be read from the last page,

Where the initio is at the last

Some dreams are to be dreamed while awake..


An old man needs to grow younger by heart..

When the heart is juvenile

Some friends need to be strangers, similarly some nights needs to be emotionally distant, prejudiced…the winter nights..

Where strangers define friendship

A walk in that dusk was an incredible fly, where even the smallest drop had a remarkable reflection in it,


Where the universe is in a droplet

Where love stories had the coldest beginning, where silence was the most beautiful amigo…

Where Love is Serendipity

That wintry night obviously was to end, but it bloomed up again by adding the drops of sirimiri to my solivagant journey….

Dizzy rain for a lone survivor



6 thoughts on “Mirror your Illusions”

  1. Amazing man !! Great composition !! Touched by your thoughts bro! The way your words reflected your thoughts and imagination about everything is just ………. Superb!


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