Iridescent La Vie

Born with the wings which didn’t knew how to fly, but this crazy heart always loved heights.

The speed of change in vie is so random, and so is our life it also changes drastically,
Someone needs a companion to live for, while the other is the reason for someone’s life..
Akin fleuve, the plethora of thoughts are also flowing with varied pace, no one to stop them, as it goes on…

It Goes on As a Constant…”CHANGE”

Dance on the beats of temps, roar in the hours of peur, laugh like a little child with no reason, that’s what is happiness…
Sketch your life-like a cloudscape, which will be an illusion at the initio but later the world would define it..

SELENOPHILE – as stars can’t shine without Darkness

The street of life is full of emotions, just walk through and you create your own world of fantasy..
Travel, because the aura here has a stack of enigmas which make you laugh, make you fall in love, make you cry, make you scare….the universe is jumbled and it floats on the vibes which you owe..
Transform the personified’s and fill them with the gestures which you love the most…

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Each journee signifies an astonishing inkling, dive deep into those glimpses and rule the nutso hearts..
Be a Pluviophile and get lost in the petrichor the mother earth has like never before…
Crave your story and be a solivagant in it and try waiting for your wonderwall to fill the story’s Lacuna…..

PLUVIOPHILE – Lover of rains 

Everyone started with cute little steps, but only some made those steps more Elysian…
Stand near a seashore, listen to the calm ripples which adds music to the soul, where the times passes from moment to moment…
On an early morning twilight just close your eyes, feel the cozy breeze and have a ride of paradise…

CAMHANAICH – Early Morning Twilight

It’s not a life if you are just descent, make the sky cry tears of joy for you,
Let the oceans have the depth like your thoughts, and the air flow on the rhythm of your heartbeat,
To see such a world in a grain of sand, be the iridescent and feel life in an infinity in every breath of yours..


One thought on “Iridescent La Vie”

  1. Waah….mast hai
    Lekin Tu kehna kya chahata hai?? Kuch samjha nahi..
    Sach bolun to bilkul itu sa b nahi samjha mujhe…Jo likha hai jara samjha asan bhasa me.. :p


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