Idee…The Invisible Cavalier

imagesRG3JXUSZA cantrip of epigrams when merged,it then lead me towards the beginning,
As I walked ahead I felt,it wasn’t the time for a layman march,
I took a deep sigh and ran to catch my last breath,
The goal was to bring about a melancholy in the immutables,
Thoughts flew through every nerves of mine,
If I dared to stop to think at that very moment,it would be my arrival at the doors of infinite senses……hella!!


Suddenly, illusions made me fly high,and I reached at the vault of heaven…the sky,
While on that legendary flight, I scie what was beneath me,
It was incredible that the world dances each day on the shades of sky,
Just the varied shadows from the sky, coalesces for the birth of vespers,
My spell ride crashed me further into a giagantic cloud,
After the hit, I was in a state of euphoria and to my senses, this time the abstract route was in the centre of the ocean,
But I felt a little sad, coz the sky ride gave me the best perceptions of the world, which echoed yet in my mind,

But my dear invisible rider crucially bumped me in to an iceberg, and I was in dysphoria, but after a while when I woke up, what I saw was ètonnant,

There was this mythical sky, in the deep waters, which smiled with seven different shades of nature, I was thrilled by this picturesque,

The imaginary rider, slowed down this time and told me, “Dude u can’t change the immutables!!”On this I said,”I just had a this crazy thought in my dreams”,

The invisible rider stopped and said,”The universe is very beautiful and so are your thoughts, just don’t urge them to get intense, else u will have this ride again”,

And then I heard,
“Wake up kiddo, the alarm sirens suddenly enraged,”tring, tring”,
My friend calling me as usual from the window pane,” u asshole, she’s waiting at the bus stop, wake up”…
And my tiny eyes slowly opened and saw myself lying in my room, with mom besides me, and my friend making irritating noises from the window,
I just went back for a minute to my dream, and tried to remember who was that rider, who threatened me for just thinking,
And guess what it was my own THOUGHT, an invisible rider!!!!


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