“Rouler in the dense Bois”

A walk in the dense woods can't be described, it can just be felt....
A walk in the dense woods can’t be described, it can just be felt….

Walking In the dense woods, enthralling  the sheen nature, a thought came to my heart;
What it feels to be the only word, out of the thousand words, which makes a difference…
The cognizant u have that, when the lyrics gets a silver lining, but then the rhythm describes u,
What it feels like, when from a multitude, u find a smile, which u always awaited for!
When u r scared to shout, wanna be like a weirdo, dance on the beats like  a wild animal, laugh till u cry, and u find a friend who says,”dude just fuck the world, do it…and if any shit happens,  just be the game changer !!
What it feels when gazing at that twinkling star, somebody calls u and says,”Hey are you looking at the same star!!”
One fine day, when the morning sun rays seems out to be the beautiful moon light…
If framed  realistically,  u still have the  hangover of the last night’s  venomous party you had….and suddenly while while passing from your quotidian street, your crush approaches you and gives you a hug full of warmth….
Guys, what it feels like, when u just murmur a line and it turns out to be a famous quote someday, the crazy sounds, giggles u made with your cronies, turns out to be the most famous rhythms….
The above styles I wrote are all paradoxical for me, but what it feels when these enigmas turns out to be the best ironies of your life….


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