A Prophesy for “Nightfall”

A sweet  wait for "Twilight".
A sweet wait for “Twilight”.

The sky today had a different charm,
I think sun didn’t wanted to hide below the western horizons,
I am watching these motions, from my terrace, which has a lake surrounded to it,
Wandering here and there, to find the very shade, the  only twilight which I see each day,
I am jumbled in the intensiveness of the Ciel, but my milky friends left me some hopes,
The calm breeze suddenly turned out to be damn taters,
I am still awaiting for the dusk, but had no signs, but my little heart said, dude you know what is serendipity,
And so I am still roaming like a traveler in the desert, but yes, it’s very small;)
Suddenly I got a call from the messenger of the rain, he rang very rudely,literally he scared me and my goosebumps too,
He warned me to leave, but I being the follower of serendipity, fucking waited there and dared the risk to face the messenger,
The lightening showed its violent colors, making the quite milky clouds to black swans, it roared this time a bit louder,
At last, while, I was about to freeze in that cold air, I heard a cry, and suddenly the reflections of the tears filled my vision,
I had a blur view, but was able to see the ripples dancing back and forth, in the lake,
Astonished,but true, I suddenly saw the crimson smile in the lake, and I rushed to look up that dusk, which was a smile from heaven,
I was overwhelmed, and just went back in my memories for a moment, and thought that what if I would have returned back at that roar itself, really I would miss this smile of angel, it was the best twilight I waited for!!!
Raindrops  all over my soul, it was like ,some memories can only be made when waited for and I think we owe it.


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